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Welcome To e-StatePortal™

ATEC's e-StatePortal™ is a Centralised database, Communication Tool, Website Content Manager, Billing Engine and a Payment facility for any size estate or sectional title complex, all rolled into one easy to use system. The system is flexible and scalable enough to manage estates of all sizes.

Packed full of easy-to-use functionality for hassle-free and affordable property management, e-StatePortal™ is the online property management system that connects estates to the 21st century.

The e-StatePortal™ provides Managing Agents, Corporate Bodies and Homeowners Associations with the tools to manage developments more effectively from a central database at a fraction of the cost.

Based on a deep understanding of the business processes involved in the management of residential estates, this intuitive web-based management system was developed by ATEC Systems and Technologies with the latest Web 2.0 technology, usable by large gated communities of 500 residents and more to small developments of 50 residents or less.


Resident and Visitor Management packaged into one centralized product - e-StatePortal™. Register or Login to add new users, update profiles and manage accounts, including Visitor Pre-Clearance on specific estates.

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Service Providers

Approval as a service provider on one of the listed estates enables your business to advertise and provide its unique services to those estates.

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